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We pride ourselves in offering unique, high quality and fashionable Christmas and Coastal decor for your home. Founded in 2001, our company is highly known within the retail world, but sometimes it’s hard to find our product in a store near you or online for your shopping convenience. Our goal is to offer you a convenient and fun way to buy our product that you don’t regularly see in a store in your area or for that matter even online. We are proud to be the number one brand for Coastal Decor and Ornaments. Our Christmas Decor and Whimsical Ornaments are truly unlike other manufacturers or what you see in most retail stores.


You will not however find our Mermen / Mermaids, Poke the Bear, I’m a Fairy or Diamonds of the Sea categories in our online store. We have many retail partners who make it very easy to have these products easily accessible through their stores, whether it is in their store in a town where you live, through their own website or through our online partners via Amazon. If you can’t find this product, please contact us and we can help you locate a retailer near you for these categories. So browse our online store and have fun shopping!

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Greg and Mark – Owners